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Customer Communications Management
The rise of CCM and why it matters

CCM software and managed services enable enterprises to streamline multiple communication channels into a single, all-in-one platform that conveys personalised offers and content to tens of millions of customers, simply…

Turn routine correspondence into moments that drive sales and satisfaction

Many companies – especially telcos, banks, utilities, ISP’s, loyalty programmes and insurers – overlook the opportunity to use bills, statements, renewals and mundane notifications as instruments…

Rapid Dynamic Personalised Video-production

Rapid Dynamic Personalised Video-production It’s one thing to produce a video for consumption by an entire group of people. It’s quite another to produce a personalised video for each member of the group. Rapid, Dynamic Personalised Video-production is an approach to…


A new era of super-compressed multi-media documents and personalised videos has arrived

New super-compression technology improves rich-media experiences for customers, consumes less data during transmission – saving money for both sender and receiver – lowers the cost of long term archiving and makes document retrieval…

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